Parks & Rec Activities

Tee-Ball : For ages 6-8, both boys and girls.
Season: May-July
Locations: Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Magnolia, Oxendine, Parkton, St. Pauls, Allenton, Rennert & Fairgrove
Little League : For ages 9-12, both boys and girls.
Season: April-August
Locations: Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Oxendine, Parkton, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Allenton, & Fairgrove
Babe Ruth Baseball: For ages 13-15, both boys and girls.
Season: May-August
Locations: Orrum, Fairmont, Rowland, Deep Branch, Maxton, Prospect, Oxendine, Pembroke, Union Chapel, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Littlefield, Parkton, Red Springs & Union
Youth Co-Ed Softball: For ages 9-12, both boys and girls.
Season: May- July
Locations: Throughout the county
Co-Ed Softball: For ages 13-17
Season: May- August
Location: Maxton & Evanscross Rd
Girls’ Softball : For ages 9-12
Season: June-August
Locations: Pembroke, Prospect, St. Pauls, Rex-Rennert, Littlefield, Lumberton, Maxton, Rowland, Orrum, Union, Deep Branch, Fairgrove, Magnolia & Union Chapel
Girls’ Fast-Pitch Softball : For ages 13-15
Season: June-August
Locations: Pembroke, Prospect, Lumberton, Rowland, Magnolia, St. Pauls, Oxendine & Union Chapel

Carolina Glitterettes:  Baton twirling and pom-pom ages 3-18 girls, Rifle twirling for boys.  Year round, housed at East Robeson and Red Springs Middle

Wrestling Program: K-8, both girls and boys. Month of November
Adult Softball : For ages 18+, both men and women
Season: May-August
Locations: Fairmont, Maxton, Pembroke, Red Springs, St. Pauls
Youth Football : (5th -6th grade)- For ages 10-12
Season: September- November
Locations: Fairmont, Rowland, Maxton, Prospect, Deep Branch, Pembroke, Red Springs, St. Pauls, Magnolia, Piney Grove, Littlefield, Union, Orrum & Parkton
Flag Football : (1st -4th grade) – For ages 5-9
Season: September- November
Locations: Rowland, Fairmont, Pembroke, Union Chapel, Parkton, St. Pauls, Prospect, Orrum, Maxton, Deep Branch, Union, & Red Springs
Youth Basketball: (5th -8th grade)- For ages 10-14
Season: December-March
Locations: Orrum, Fairmont, Fairgrove, Rowland, Maxton, Pembroke, Prospect, Red Springs, Parkton, Magnolia, St. Pauls, Allenton, Union Chapel & Littlefield


Youth Volleyball: ( Grade 5th & 6th  only ) 
Season:  Spring 
Rowland, Fairmont, Prospect Pembroke, St. Pauls, Parkton, Magnolia & Union
Volleyball : For ages 15+
Season: November- February
Locations: Pembroke and Rowland
Senior Citizen Center : ( Barker Ten Mile Community Center) – Offers various weekly activities for senior citizens of the county
Senior Citizen Trips: Several trips sponsored by Robeson County Recreation Department throughout the year.

Senior Games:

Senior Citizen Socials:  Year round
Rentals: Ball Fields, Canoes

Youth Activity Registration Form – Download 

For more information on any activities, 
Please call the Parks and Recreation Office.