Online Services

Several Robeson County Departments offer online services for your convenience. More services will be added in the future, be sure to check this page often.

Register of Deeds – Online research – Order copies of various documents
Robeson County Tax Information – View bills, property record cards & land info online!
North Carolina Property Tax Forms – Tax Forms Online
Robeson County Taxes – Pay online!
Robeson County Job Opportunities – Check employment opportunities online
Robeson County GIS – Live GIS information
Report a Damaged Street Sign – Submit a problem with a street/road sign
Report a Damaged Fire Hydrant – Submit a problem with a fire hydrant
Report an Illegal Trash Dumpsite – Submit illegal dumping sites for cleanup & possible prosecution


Robeson County TAX Question forms:

TAX – Business Personal Property Questions

TAX – Collections Questions

TAX – General Questions

TAX – Mapping/GIS Questions

TAX – Personal Property Questions